Nubian Watercolor

The colorful Nubian Village in Egypt is beautiful. There are places all over the world like this, places that remind you of how everyone EVERYONE in this world is beautiful. There’s this blue building with borders and steps. Each step has color triangle patters. The walls are an amazing blue, the kind of beach blue…makes you breath.

I didn’t paint the building. That probably would have been easier. No. I wanted to draw inspiration from the patterns and color. Didn’t happen as I intended. That happens a lot. Wrong color. Should have done that. Now I have to start over. These were some of the things I said. Thoughts are indeed things. This was great color mixing practice. I cropped out what didn’t work and found something that did.

With this project I want to combine my love for people, places and me. The theme of my project is called A Celebration of Us. I like it, like it a lot. Besides I have tons more to paint. There’s the blue vase, sun mirror, homes, decorations, food. I need to be painting more.

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Focus on the Lemonade

I am! I workled all day adding new designs to the shop. There’s a huge sale Sunday uo to 50% off. If you’re a fan of my work, perhaps you’ll be interested in a print, zip bag, pillow … start your holiday shopping.

Thanks so much for being a subscriber. Hope you are creating your own beautiful art. If you are feel free to email me. I am always on the lookout for ideas and would love to see your work.

Something came over me these past few days, pushing fear aside. Just do it! I want to share these ideas. I haven’t even blogged about them. I feel like this is the work I can and want to do more of. I WILL.

Free Flowing and Beautiful

Ok I’m realizing that the more I explore worldly color and textiles, the more possibilities exist for me to share my work. The orange has a hint of yellow ochre but beautiful for a student grade paint. I’ve been seeing these abstaract tutorials on pinterest. You paint shapes and then use pens to build flowers or fish.

At least that’s what I’ve been painitng. Along the way I keep reminding myself of two important rules. There’s only make. Who says it has to be perfect? Anthroologie’s watercolor shopping bags and store decor remind me of play. On the bag there’s this watercolor design that is free flowing and beautiful. I want more of this in my work. I want all of my work to be this way. I also used dots and circles, random ones. Next time I’ll use the back of a sumi brush.

Here’s to lots more art and fun. The remainder of this year is all about creative exploration.

You are Brave

…just an observation I made as I was on a morning walk. There I was in uncertainty and nature took over.

Then I came home and painted beautifully…

Floral Pattern with Watercolor

Diwali Sand Art or the colors of Mexican Talavera? Both. This pattern would be amazing on a rectangle platter. I sketched out this design. Tried coloring with soft pastels. What a mess. These colors turned out amazing. I painted another vase and my shadow/

I enjoy free style painting never really knowing what will happen. Watercolor surprises me every time. You have to be patient You can’t control the water clouds or the little textures. I do need to fix a few areas but that’s what the eraser tool it for. Thank goodness. Looks good! Can’t wait to add this pattern to the shop.

I’ve eyed an Egytian pattern and color palette. Lanterns for the Moonlight festival? I can picture them now.

Watercolor Guitar Take 2

All of my projects have goals. All around the world is for drawing the objects I’m not used to drawing. Is that why my drawing is a little…lousy. Ok, but in all fairness there’s going to be bad work. I’ve painted some good ones. More goes in the trash. That’s ok. I can buy more paper. There’s always tomorrow. There’s much more to paint!

This is good for a journal enty. I’m exploring the texture, patterns and color of the world. I started reading Ana Victoria Calderon’s Color Harmony. A section of her color schemes are set up from textiles and nature from places all over the world. On Saturday Bing featured images of floral patterns in celebration of Diwali. Coincidence?

So far I’m learning that blob brushes are amazing! I need precision practice. Each culture is a gift. Where does a country’s culture originate?

Paper Collage- Peace

Sometimes you need a reminder. It simply is. It’s a choice. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s a prayer. It’s an act of kindness. It’s knowing that you and I are one. It’s meditation. It’s music. I just needed to feel the warmth of the sun. Why do I need a reminder?

Venetian Guitar- Only Make

Aren’t the colors amazing! And the design is amazing. I drew inspiration from an image I found online. The strings are a little off but do I care? Just a little. I’m getting practice with details and using different brushes and white ink. Not sure why I used a ruler to draw the lines. I should have just drawn them. Digitally? Now that I know what went wrong I can repaint this. The most important lesson is make and keep making. There are no mistakes. The other lesson is music.

There’s music in every culture. Instruments may look a little different but every single one has a tune, a melody we can all sing or dance to. Together. I don’t care where the instrument comes from or what it looks like. I do like the guitar I painted hearts and all but ALL I WANT TO DO IS DACE.

Ok time to get back to painting.. Yhos gutar goes back to the work in progress file.

Painting guitar with watercolor

Using a chopstick to create pattern dots? Yes why not. I actually saw a video on lettering with a chopstick. I have yet to try that. Perhaps I should today. I am working on a t-shirt project. Maybe.

This guitar is practice for the Venetian one I am painting today. Music moves me. Music is huge in Mexico. Music is to celebrate, honor and express the truth, the love for land and love.

Back to this guitar, what a roller coaster ride. The drawing was good. Mixed up a good brown. Tested new acrylc paint. Then I wanted florals on the botton of the guitar. I can’t sing but I do. I wanted this to look like a real guitar that I had painted on. My guitar. The flowers were all wrong. Just as I was about to flip the page and draw a new guitar…

What do I do when I make a mistake? Paint over it with acrylic! I applied my floral making skills and began stamping petals with a round brush in the shade that popped in my head in the first place.

There is only make! I think I now have the theme for my t-shirt project. Love when this happens.

Have a good day!